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Smells Like You
“Smells Like You” is a reminder that you are loved. You are valued. And you are missed. Someone, somewhere is thinking of you. And someplace, somewhere “Smells Like You” because you were there, you were yourself, you were loving, you were caring and you were authentic. And you made a difference.
Number One
There is a Number that brings memories of his masculin energy that is overpowering and consuming, that tells the timeless story of a man who turned out to be a legend, and whose special formations made way for an extremely brilliant and timeless scent – Number One.
J Series
J-Series is yet another attempt by World of Jass towards demystifying and democratising perfumes.
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Silent Valley

Silent Valley is the world’s first ever range of Self-Care Fragrances created with a purpose of ‘feeling good’ and not just ‘smelling good’. Each fragrance has been created with a specific benefit and purpose that we hope can help you in your journey towards a balanced, peaceful and happier life.

Spraying Happiness

Read more about our Spraying Happiness Initiative in collaboration with Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man.